[Encyclopedia of Pleurotus eryngii making dumplings]_How to do_How to do

[Encyclopedia of Pleurotus eryngii making dumplings]_How to do_How to do

Pleurotus eryngii is a kind of mushroom with great nutritional value. Pleurotus eryngii is more fragrant and thicker than ordinary mushrooms. It is rich in meat and full of mouth. Pleurotus eryngii can be used with many ingredients in normal times.Kinds of Pleurotus eryngii for making dumplings. Pleurotus eryngii can be made with pork dumplings or with many other ingredients. Dumplings are great no matter how they are made.

Pleurotus eryngii large meat dumpling material 500 grams of pork stuffing, two pieces of Pleurotus eryngii, half of carrot, 100 grams of fungus, foam, 500 grams of flour, spring onion, ginger, salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, oil, sesame oil.

Stir the pork in one direction and add the right amount of water in the middle. The filling is smoother and more delicious2.

Wash and shred Pleurotus eryngii, carrots and fungus 3.

Chopped green onion and ginger into meat 4.

Add Pleurotus eryngii, carrots and minced fungus to the meat. 5

Add salt, soy sauce, chicken essence, oil, sesame oil and stir well to form a filling 6.

Flour and dough, wake up for 15 minutes.

Knead the dough into long strips of uniform thickness, and scatter into small pieces 7.

Roll into dumpling skin 8.

Put the right amount of stuffing into the dumpling skin and knead into dumplings 9.

Boil the water in a pot over high heat, pour in the dumplings and cook. You can divide the amount of cold water three times in the middle and cook it. Three cups of fish dumplings Pleurotus eryngii. A box of Pleurotus eryngii 500g. Nine-layer tower sieve soy sauce 2 tablespoons.2 tablespoons sesame oil 1 tablespoon rice oil 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tsp garlic 2
5 ginger slices and 5 slices are prepared. Prepare the Pleurotus eryngii and cut it with a hob, then heat the pan, turn to low heat, pour in sesame oil, garlic, add ginger soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and cook until the sugar is melted.Add Pleurotus eryngii and fish dumplings, turn to high color, add rice wine and stir-fry, cover the pot lid to collect the juice and add it to the nine-story tower, that is, you can complete the delicious cuisine in 10 minutes?
Three cups of Pleurotus eryngii fish dumplings: one box of laurel fish dumplings, the right amount of Pleurotus eryngii, the right amount of nine-story tower, the right amount of sesame oil,[seasoning]soy sauce, wine, sugar,[explosive spices]ginger slices, whole?

Head, whole pepper, spring onion section, appropriate amount of method 1, from the sesame oil pan into the spices, add Pleurotus eryngii and fish dumplings and fry.

2, then add soy sauce, wine and sugar to cook until taste, add nine layers of tower stir fry before boiling!