[How to make the stuffed buns wonton]_How to make_How to make

[How to make the stuffed buns wonton]_How to make_How to make

Wonton is a kind of Guangzhou Han pasta, which can almost be said to be a northern ravioli, mainly because the Cantonese name of the ravioli is similar to wonton, so it is called wonton.The main thing that affects the taste of wonton is the use of fillings. If the filling is used or prepared, wonton will feel very smooth. So how to make wonton filling can make the wonton feel smooth?

Here are some ways to make Wonton taste smooth and filling. I hope it works for you.

Method 1 Main Ingredients: 20 pieces of pork skin with 250g pork skin method / step 1.

First, take out the ready-made pork stuffing from the supermarket and put it in a bowl.

Wash the seaweed, tear it into small pieces, and soak the shallots.

Scoop eggs into a bowl filled with pork stuffing, stir clockwise, add raw soy sauce, thirteen incense, salt, caster sugar (slightly), starch, seasoning oil and continue stirring clockwiseAt that time, I like to keep the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator for a while. Will you please?

2 About half an hour, remove the meat from the refrigerator and start packing?
(As for the use of chopsticks or spoons, wrap them in the northern or southern version, as you like?
If you do n’t want to buy dumpling leaves, just go to the supermarket and buy a small bag of special dumpling powder. Is it OK to make it yourself?
Not much to say here?
) During the process, the soup is heated on the stove, the laver is boiled, the salt is added, and the shrimp skin is put in a bowl for later use.

3 Put the boiling water in the pot again and boil, boil, add a little cold water after boiling, wait for the boil to boil again and it will be ready to be removed.

Put it in the seaweed soup bowl, sprinkle with green onions, and drip a few drops of fragrant oil?
Note 1 It is also possible to make pork stuffing by yourself, but it cannot be pure lean meat. Will pure lean meat stuffing not taste Q?
2 Is sugar added for freshness?
3The purpose of eggs and starch is to make the meat texture elastic and smooth.
4I refrigerate the mixed fillings because I want all kinds of foods and flavors to interact with each other and fully integrate them ~ 5 I do n’t like chicken essence and MSG in cooking. Do n’t you like these


Anyway, I won’t see it in my recipes?
Method 2 Main Ingredients: 500g eggs and 2 dough methods / step 1.

Chop the pork you bought into the stuffing, and the noodles can also be bought at the vegetable market or supermarket.

Ginger is chopped and chopped green onions.

Spare 2.

Add chopped pork filling with water, salt, chicken essence, pepper, sesame oil, eggs as long as egg white, chives and stir well.

Spare 3.

Then cover the chaos with noodles and boil the water.

Put the wrapped chaos.

Cook for 5 minutes.

Fish up.

The delicious and tender chaos is ready to eat!

Note 1.

Salt is added according to personal preference.


Don’t add too much water while mixing.