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Symbiosis with bacteria

锘? Symbiosis with “bacteria” There are 7 internal symbiotic humans with “bacteria”? It is 8 meters long and covers an area of more than 200 square meters. The number of bacteria that survive inside the twists and turns is huge, reaching tens of billions, more than the world’s population, and very crowded. There are many […]


3 for women’s health dinners

锘? 3 for women’s health dinners In the past, there was a saying in the old man: “If you want to eat well in the morning, you should eat Chinese food and eat grass at dinner. “Although dinner is grass, the real meaning of this sentence is that dinner should be eaten less and eaten […]


Summer health, distinguishing physique and re-action

锘? Summer health, distinguishing physique and re-action Lead: In the hot summer, the sweltering weather has made many people less comfortable. Because the diseases caused by the heat of the day are no longer a few, so summer health is imperative. The study found that the Chinese have a total of nine constitutions. The physical […]


Why are some old people crying and laughing?

Crying and laughing are external manifestations of people’s inner activities. The so-called “like shape and color” and “sadness and tears” are reflections of people’s normal psychological activities.   If a person encounters a sad thing and does not cry, happy things don’t laugh. Even if he is indifferent and expressionless, then he can’t express his feelings […]